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Vengeance April 25, 2008

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I read an anthropological article Vengeance is Ours (from THE NEW YORKER) about vengeance among natives of Highland New Guinea. Just read it.


I don’t know Jack about the Middle East April 22, 2008

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However, I somehow was touched by Jimmy Carters mission to the Hamas, recently. So I tried writing him a letter. I doubt it actually reached him, so I’ll at least post it here.

Mind you, this is a very personal thing, so don’t take any part of this personal. Or as an official endorsement, that is.


Trading, Testosterone, Ads, Attention, Turmoil & Wasted Money = Opportunity (!) April 21, 2008

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The New York Times carries an article in its business-section about a study concluding that steroid hormonal levels (such as testosterone) significantly influence stock traders behavior – as well as their successfulness. The conclusion concerning measures to (hormonally) guard off sudden market upheavals was to have more women and older men playing the stocks!

On another note, the article talks about wasted advertisement money. Seemingly unimpeded by economic drought, marketers are investing in online ads that often times aren’t even seen because of their placement.

Nevertheless, it is to be expected that at some point advertisers will have to deal with the economic crisis as well. Though this might also have some sort of cleansing effect; ineffective advertising might run into problems, while viable methods of online marketing will set themselves through.

Even more than that, lots of startup business models that are harping on internet advertisement might be in for a career-changing surprise; Quite a few sites that became really popular recently (youtube, myspace, facebook, here in Germany studivz.net etc.) are having trouble making money for themselves or their new owners. And these are only the big ones. Lots of smaller businesses might see their already thin blanket of venture capital pulled from underneath their feet.

This has two points of relevance to me: I’m planning on launching a new method of online-advertisement beginning next year. This not only makes me dependent on advertisement revenue, but also on investors willing to believe that there will be advertising revenue flowing through my channel.
I hope I have made the point clearly enough above, that if we manage to belong to those techniques that are actually perceived in a non-obtrusive manner, we’ll make it. And so we will. :-}

Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity. (M. McLuhan) April 20, 2008

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Check out this blogpost on loan-based economy. Especially “Money as Debt“, a thoroughly-explained, opinionated walkthrough of our monetary system:

I don’t quite agree with (or even fully follow) a few thrusts that are developed (specifically the whole business about right-out government-created money, i believe ripple offers a much better, IOU-based model), also it has been criticized that the film bluntly underplays the role that respending of interest on behalf of banks/shareholders plays to avoid money shortage, but the beginning is just right on.

But how far corrupted is the system really? I believe the fundamental problem about necessary growth is quite ingrained. I don’t think that anyone (I know of) really has a good idea of how far down the tubes our economic system may be. I dare say it’s a fair guess that it won’t be going on forever, but it doesn’t look as if it all’l be grinding to a stand-still any time soon, either.

So if there’s a risk ahead, it’s really important to get a clear idea of its “shape & texture”. What this all boils down to: “In my lifetime?” – possibly. “In my kids’ lifetime?” i’d say: quite possible. I’m 24 now – and my children will live through the big oil crisis and what not. I guess it’ll start during my lifetime, even my active lifetime.

What do you guys think?