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Times of Declining Energy June 16, 2008

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David Holmgren really spells it out: PERMACULTURE & PEAK OIL: Beyond ‘Sustainability’ (youtube video).

He talks about some of the basic facts: that we soon will be having less and less energy available, that there will have to be other methods to adapt to this situation. In a thoughtful, realistic and kind manner. I am highly impressed!


Platform Problems June 15, 2008

Posted by olvidadorio in Programming.
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Earlier today I read a TechCrunch article (had been reddited) on Google Gears and its position as a direct competitor. The main thrust is that the browser — possibly with some extension — is going to be the new important virtual machine — and that Google is positioning Gears as an alternative to both Flex/Air and that M$ technology. I was having an uneasy feeling dans le gutt.

Also, I was watching a joint interview by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Besides this being an intriguing setting as a whole, just watch the second part of this sub-clip. Steve & Bill are asked for their take on exactly this browser-as-new-standard-platform thesis. Of course they basically laugh it off. But as Jobs puts it: they are the dinosaurs. But watch the clip, it’s nice.

Update: Despite the fact that there would be no cocoa for Windows, which had been dispelled, there seems to be something afoot, involving SproutCore to take on Flash/Flex/AIR et al..

Here’s my (& my gutt’s) take: The browser (or conversely, the www) is quite a shitty choice for a standard platform because:


I am poor June 4, 2008

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I just realized that compared to the world’s per-capita yearly income (statistics from 2000), and considering my current steady income of 177 € per month, that I’m by now most probably living off less than many humans around the globe have on average. Nowadays I should be somewhere right around average. If you through in price-differences between countries, well I’m not exactly well off. But am I truly poor? Don’t really think so.

Update: The DFG(German Research Foundation)-sponsored project I had a little job working for has abruptly been panned, so after end of this month I won’t even be able to rely on the above 177 euroquid. However, my dad mentioned that he’ll be keeping me from starving until my thesis is done… Then I can starve… ;-}