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About Gabriel Pickard

Me By Sea

I am a software developer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently mainly do backend-development (particularly in Clojure), though I’ve been known to do Machine Learning, Logic Programming and Natural Language Processing.

This blog has mainly become dedicated to my political and economic views. For my coding interests go to my other blog.

I also have personal interests. These include driving myself and others nuts. I also like to sail!

follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/werg

check out my meager contributions to code posterity: http://github.com/werg



1. Isaiah - May 1, 2008

worthy of your support, y’all.
keep up the good work, bro!

2. stefan - August 9, 2008

nice to discover your blog.

3. Antonio Siux - January 16, 2009

MOVIDOS saludos desde Tibas, San José, CR.

4. marcia - January 18, 2009

muy interesante es un trabajo muy largo pero vale la pena….

5. elohim - February 27, 2009

dear gabriel,
my name is elohim, iam a good friend of michela raßloff and nico schütte.

can u ask yr birdie girlfriend if shes interested 2 work on a project in berlin with 300 others from may 1 to sept 30, 2009

Eur 20 per hour, 12 to 20 h / weekly. the project name is M4P.
if she has time and wants it, she can contact me and illl send more details


6. siehe_bitte_meine_mailadresse - February 20, 2011

Hallo Herr Pickard,
Sie hatten vor 2 Jahren einen Artikel von mir Korrektur gelesen. Würden Sie mir bitte Ihre email-Adresse mitteilen, ich möchte Sie wg. Ihrer Korrekturarbeit — allerdings nichtöffentlich und nicht im Rahmen Ihres Blogs — noch einmal anschreiben.

Mit besten Grüßen

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